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海南乡村民宿丨Model for the new Hainan rural homestay business

2019-06-12 赵优 陈书敏 来源:海南日报 This is Hainan

With the upgrading consumption and mature market, visitors are no longer satisfied with the extensive experience at farm houses, and they tend to hope live in the countryside and experience an in-depth rural life.


Under the influence of tourism market and sharing economy, Hainan rural homestay business springs up like mushrooms. Recently, the Government issues some development projects and managing regulations successively, stimulating the fast development of Hainan rural homestay business.  


During the Dragon Boat Festival this year, the“Distance” Homestay at Xidao fishing village in Sanya is quite busy. For many tourists, choosing a homestay is to experience the local lifestyle: watching the sunrise at Xidao Pier in the morning, reading a book at the seaside bookstore in the afternoon, as well as drinking andchatting with the hosts at the yard in the evening.


“Wusuo Guizhi” Homestay, not far away from Tanmen Harbor, is separated from the sea by a narrow beach. Tourists can drink and sing in the boat houses, overlooking the sea.


 “Our rooms have been fully booked for the weekends of this month.” Fu Minglin, the owner of the homestay said. There are no famous scenic spots, though, Tamen has its own cultural tourism resource to backup the homestay business.


As independent travel has become popular now, tourists' demand for travelling has risen to a cultural and social level. They are more willing to choose the homestay with distinctive features, where they can communicate with the locals. With the uprising of the provincial rural tourism, various homestays in Hainan gradually emerged. According to the statistics, there are a total of 556 homestay facilities in the whole province, among which 145 are rural homestay, accounting for 26%. The rural home stayfacilities mainly gather in Sanya, Haikou and along the east gold tourism route, showing a cluster development trend.


It seems that “Drink Deer Creek” Homestay becomes a hit overnight, guests from first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou come to visit it and think highly of it after experiencing, claiming that it “showcases a new beautiful Hainan”.


Huang Jijun, the owner of “Drink Deer Creek” Homestay, found this treasured place at Damiao village in 2007. Through tough negotiation, Huang Jijun managed to rent the old house. Then designed delicately by the famous designer from Beijing, the old house has been transformed to “Drink Deer Creek” Homestay. With unique style, it preserves the characteristics of the houses in Northern Qiongzhou and contains modern elements.


“Our selling points are the distinctive products and service. Many tourists pay more attention to tourism experience instead of the price. ” Huang Jijun said. In Drink Deer Creek, the attractive product for tourists is the varying local scenes, while the high-quality service includes airport pick-up and drop-off, daily accommodation and travelling around. The tourists think it worthy for their seaside vacations to have some refreshments, enjoy the sunset and pick some seafood from the pier.


Marketing researches show that considerate service and unique experiencing activities account for a major proportion among the reasons for the tourists to choose a homestay, apart from the natural scenery.