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Shopping in Sanya, where to buy?

Most major hotels provide shuttle buses to take guests shopping, but public transport and taxis are also easy to use.


JieFang Road is a main and the longest street that through the whole Sanya downtown and extend along with the curve of the coast. It offers local products, dining, entertainment, tours, housing, and temporary accommodations. KFC, McDonald’s, and a variety of department stores and supermarkets are assembled here. It is measured off to be four road from one end to another, JieFang Road it is marked as "JIE FANG (YI, ER, SAN or SI which means 1, 2, 3 or 4) LU" on the fingerpost.


Sanya Supermarkets


Sanya Wanghao Supermarket


Predecessor of the supermarket was DC Commercial City, which has now become the largest shopping oulet of Sanya after being renovated. The supermarket offers a large array of commodities. Parking won't be a trouble for self-drivers as in front of the supermarket there is a large-scale parking lot.

  • Add: Next to Sanya Bus Station, Jiefang Er lu, Sanya Downtown
  • Business Hours 9:00—22:30


Sanya Tiancheng Supermarket


Offering diverse and complete variety of articles. If Wanghao and One-pro are two crowded, you might as well choose Tiancheng Supermarket.

  • Add: Next to the Ever Bright Bank, Jiefang Er Lu, Sanya Downtown
  • Business Hours: 9:00-22:30


Sanya Wanfulong Supermarket


It offers a large blend of commercial products ranging from daily necessities to household appliances, even outdoor camping fittings are available as well. Is where a place the tourists can bring Hainan home.

  • Add: Opposite Sanya Bus Station, 69 JieFang Erlu, Sanya Downtown
  • Business Hours: 9:00-22:30



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