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Hainan Qingbuliang

Hainan Qingbuliang is a very cool local drink usually served in lovely glass bowls. It is a full bowl of chilled coconut milk with ice, watermelon dice, pineapple dice, jujube (Chinese date), raisin, cooked common beans, mung beans, coix seed, pearl sago, and sometimes longan. There are a lot of Qingbuliang bars or stalls in the downtown area of Sanya.

You will enjoy the unrivalled mix of leisure, tropical atmosphere and local culture of this city to the full extent when you sip Hainan Qingbuliang in a chair on the pavement while the balmy seaside breeze rustles by you softly.

Qingbuliang is a simple and refreshing drink in summer. But the most attractive thing is that everyone can DIY it according to personal specific taste or your mood at that time. You can do it creatively by using various ingredients, adding coconut milk, or plain coconut juice, or just sweet tea or sweet spring water. You may also choose lovely glass bowls or china cups to contain your DIY Qingbuliang. The whole process is full of fun.

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