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The famous tourisms in Haikou


Memorial Temple of Five Lords

Haikou and Qiongshan border on each other, where an impressive array of ancient buildings await the arrival of tourists who have an eye for architectural beauty. The group is comprised of temples, gardens and the houses of five famous ministers of the Tang and Song dynasties. Construction of these ancient buildings began during the reign of Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty. The group takes its name from its main building, which is also called the Memorial Temple of Five Lords. Nine meters in height, the temple is a two-story wooden building covering a floor-space of 560 square meters. During the Tang and Song dynasties, five outstanding ministers were demoted and exiled to Hainan-the bleak end of the earth at that time. And it was to them that the temple was dedicated. With a golden-glazed board reading “Number One Building of Hainan” hung at the front, the temple has become the most popular site among Hainan’s cultural relics. 





Crater Park at Ma'anling

Twenty kilometers from Haikou, the Crater Park at Ma'anling lies in Shishan County west of Qiongshan. Research has shown it to be the most well-preserved site of ancient craters in the world. Thanks to careful planning and construction, the park has taken on a new look and is waiting for guests to come.




Beach Resort at Guilinyang

Eighteen kilometers from Haikou and four kilometers from Meilan International Airport, the Beach Resort at Guilinyang is easy to reach. A 6.8-kilometer-long silver coastline links two delicate and beautiful bays together to form the Coastal Resort at Guilinyang. Now shallow water ripples at the northeastern part of the coastal resort, but originally 172 villages stood there before an earthquake in 1605 buried them under sea, transforming them into a world-famous wonder known as the “villages at the Sea Bottom (Haidi Cunzhuang)”. At present, a number of large-scale entertainment and recuperation programs, such as the Holiday Resort, International Games Village, Thailand Fruits Garden and World Wonder Park are nearing completion.


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