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Yangpu Economic Development Zone

Driivng along the expressway, we will soon get to Yangpu Bay to experience the beautiful landscape of Yangpu Economic Development Zone.

Yangpu Bay is located in the northeast of Danzhou city, facing the Beibu Bay. Yangpu Bay is a rare natural harbor of wind-shelter with deep water. In March 1992, the State Council formally decided to set up Hainan Yangpu Economic Development Zone, which can play the three roles: the special zone, bonded area, and development zone. It's one of the first experimental zones for reform and opening-up in China, and it's also the wholly export-oriented development zone in China.

Now, we have come to open catering area of Yangpu Bay Hotel. Look at the Bay. When night falls, fishing boats would berth here. With night breezes, it's really nice to stay here. Opposite the bay is the "White Horse Well". There is an old and magical legend about the "White Horse Well". It's said that during the Eastern Han Dynasty, Gerneral Fu Bo was deployed there with his troops. It was very hot. The soldiers and the horses suffered a lot. The General's white horse kicked the sandy ground, and the spring water gushed out. Later people dug a well there, named"White Horse Well". The well is only dozens of meters from the sea, but the water is clear and sweet. The local people say that the well water around here is salty. Because of the merits of General Fu Bo, people cherished him, and built many temples for Fu Bo. The biggest old Temple of Fu Bo Street of Baima(white horse) town in Hainan. The name of this area has been changed to "White Horse Well".

In front of there, we can see may rock containers. They were used to evaporate seawater in the sun for salt. This was an ancient saltpan. It's well preserved. The saltpan has always been performing great contributions to mankind.

This is the center of this development zone. Comparing with the big cities, it's not modern, not prosperous and not charming. But over fifteen years ago, scattered rocks and cactuses were everywhere, and looked deserted. Now standing in the center, we feel proud of this special zone and look forward to its fast development.

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