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Wanquan River and Red Detachment of Women

For most of the Chinese visitors they started to know it when they heard the popular song "I love WUzhi Mountain and I love Wanquan River" by Li Shuangjiang, a well-known army singer.

Wanquan River is one of the three longest rivers in Hainan Island. It's 162km long. It originates from the Wuzhi Mountain and runs into the ocean at Boao. Along the banks of its upper stream are undulating mountains and densely towering trees. In the mid of 1970s, a great dam was built and thus made the upper stream into a huge lake. Today the upper stream area has become a tourist attraction with wonderful landscapes of mountains and waters. The middle and lower stream is wide and the river flows mildly The water is so clear that even cobble stones at the bottom can be seen clearly.

For the Hainan people Wanquan River means a lot. It's true that almost most of you got to know the red detachment of women through the grand ballet‘The red Detachment of Women'.

It's located at the street garden of Jiaji Town, Qionghai City. The statue is made in granite. It's 6.8m high from the top to the base. Looking at the statue you can see a woman soldier wearing the red army uniform, with a bamboo hat at her back, a rifle on her shoulder, the grass shoes on her feet and the bandage tied around the lower legs. It shows us a lively woman soldier, looking very vigorous and impressive. In the Chinese revolutionary history the red detachment of women is the first army force of women. During the civil war, they coordinated with the main force of the red army, fought bravely and made great contributions not only to the revolutionary cause of Hainan Island but also to the revolutionary cause of the whole nation. In the sense of the women's liberation movement, the red detachment of women of China is a good example to show that the women are as important as the men. Whenever we speak of or think of the red detachment of women, we feel proud of them. We'll always remember them.

If people arrived at the starting point to raft on the Wanquan River, they can see the "Yanyuan Hydropower Station". It was built in the 1960s. Everything here is quiet and green.

Hainan Island is a vaulted mountain, with the central part high and the edges low. The high mountains are densely distributed in the central part and the western part of the island. Along the eastern expressway there are some hills. Although they are not as high as the mountains such as Wuzhi Mountain and Jianfeng Ridge, they are the popular tourist attractions. Baishi Ridge is one of the examples. People go across at the entrance of  Baishi Ridge. Let us make a brief introduction about this scenis spot.

Baishi Ridge is located on the Wanquan River, 12km to the southwest of Qionghai City. It's attractive and popular because of the wonderful hills, magnificent rocks and fascinating caves. At the top of Baishi Ridge stands a gigantic egg-shaped rock in white. You see Baishi Ridge means white stone ridge. So the attraction of Baishi Ridge is named after this rock. This gigantic rock weights some thousand tons. Half of the rock is sandwiched by the other two rocks while another half is hanging in the air. By the gigantic rock there is an intreresting cave. When a strong wind occurs and runs through it, some nice whistling is produced. Because of this the local people call the cave Kongtongshaifeng, meaning the cave of making-nice-music-out-of-the-wind. From the foot of the hill to the top there are 1000 steps.

After 1000 steps' walk, you may feel tired. Come here, everyone. People will realize it's worth climbing when people stand at the top and look around. What a beautiful scene! Wanquan River is winding downward into the ocean like a jade belt. The rice fields are waving. The buffaloes are wandering about. The people feel nice in a sea breeze.

If people stay at the Guantang Hot-spring Resort nearby, where people can have hot-spring bath and relax themselves. The temperature of the hot-spring reaches 90℃ at the most, so even eggs can be boiled. Everybody, enjoy yourselves!

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