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Special Products in Hainan, What to Buy?
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Coconut Shell Sculpture

Coconut Shell Sculpture is carved on coconut shells into various figures including cute babies, delicate key buckles, tea boxes, pigs, and other craftwork such as pictures.


Shell Carving

Smoothed and shining shells are carved or mounted into different kinds of painted screen, appliances and decorations, making them natural and elegant. Also, shells are made into many kinds of artifacts, such as drinking set, ornaments, decoration, necklace and brooch.


Natural Crystal

The crystal in Hainan is famous for its good quality and purity. With the most advanced processing equipment, natural crystal is made into various types of necklaces, bracelets brooches and earrings, which are most favored at home and abroad.


Horn Carving

The horns of ox and buffalo were carved and put together into different shapes. Among them, sea fish, eagle and peacock are best known home and abroad.

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