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Xinglong Tropical Garden

Xinglong Tropical Garden, was chosen as one of the four environmental education bases and special gene banks by the World Environmental Protection Organization, named the first "National Environmental Education Base" by the State Environmental Protection Administration.

Xinlong Tropical Garden is located in the reservoir area of the Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm. The garden consists of marvelous ridges, hills, moutain slopes, man-made lakes and low-lying land, covering an area of over 400 hectares. It have been tentatively turned into the largest diversified botanical protection base in Hainan. Now, two sections, the tropical botanical garden and the agricultural sightseeing garden hace been completed; then the Asian-Pacific Customs Section and International Holiday Resort are going to built. In the garden, there are 340 thousand tropical plants and 25 thousand tropical fruit tree. To see the cycadopsida, left over from the Jurassic Period. The plant nearby is the barba Hispanica introduced from Madagascar in the southern Indian Ocean. All kinds of rare plants of the world can be found here, from tropical plants of the palmae family to the decorative shade plants grown in the equatorial rain forests.

There are lots of small salient on the skin, we aren't know the name of that trees. It looks ugly like durian. But it smells good. That is Jackfruit.

The area we are visiting is less than one third of the total. In many place their primeval conditions are still kept. On both sides of the reservoir, there is luxuriant vegetation. There are rare plants in the world, such as the tropical palmae plants, and the shade plants of tropical rain forest.

Xinglong Tropical Garden has broken the traditional economic mode by setting up a new concept of "environmental industry". It is becoming a comprehensive base for the nature, humane science, agricultural technologies, gardening and environmental protection. All of  those have made Xinglong Tropical Garden unique among other scenic spots.


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