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Demarcation Islet

Demarcation Islet is a small saddle-shaped island in the South China Sea, high at both ends and low in the middle. Its Chinese namd sounds FEN JIE ZHOU DAO. It faces Cow Ridge four or five kilometers away. Historically, it was used the geographical demarcation. The islet covers an area of one square kilometer.

Cow Ridge gets its name from its shape. Seen from eith of the sides, the ridge is a walking cow. If you look at it from Demarcation Islet, the ridge is a big cow with its mouth open. Cow Ridge is also called Demardation Ridge, because it creates an important division of Hainan Island. Even in the ancient times, local people noticed the difference between the lands on each side of the mountain.

Climate Boundary

Hainan Island is located in the tropical zone, but the climate on each side of Cow Ridge is differents. In the north it is warm, humid, and pluvious. However, in the south the temperature is two or three degrees higher, and the weather is always sunnier and drier. It is for this reason that from the angle of Demarcation Islet, you can always see the wonder of "it is rainy at the Cow's head, but sunny at its tail".

Administrative Boundary

Demarcation Islet is the boundary between Wanning City and Lingshui County. Wanning is in the north, and Lingshui is in the south. A boundary stone tablet is on the ridge.

National-culture Boundary

In the ancient times, this natural dividing line was the national boundary of Hainan---the boundary between Han nationality and Li nationality. There were mainly Li people in the south of the ridge, while there were mostly Han people in the north of the ridge.

When you are at the harbor of the Demarcation Islet. The Demarcation Islet Ecological and Cultural Tourism Resort is divided into two parts: the demarcation islet and the harbor service. When you look at the north, you can see the ridge is really like a cow.

There are also many kinds of plants on the ridge, giving the ridge a green coat. So it is not only a boundary, but also a very beautiful scenic spot.

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