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Yalong Bay National Holiday Resort

Yalong Bay National Holiday Resort is ranked as one of the top national tourist resorts in China. As a national tourist resort, it was established in 1992 with the approval of the State Council. Its total area is 18.6 sq km. Yalong Bay lies in the south-east of Sanya City, about 25 km away from the urban area. The beach extends about 7,000 m, The sand is so good that such a description can show: the sand of Yalong Bay is as white as snow, as fine as powder, and as soft as cotton. The seawater in the bay is vert clean and the transparency or visibility ranges from 8 m to 12 m. Nature has provides Yalong Bay with all the favorable tropical seaside tourist resources, such as the bright sunshine, clean water, fresh air, nice beach, and beautiful landscape. The name Yalong means it is long. The Chinese word Long literally means dragon in English. According to the Chinese customs, dragon is super-powerful, and is above all. Speaking of something dragon, the Chinese people naturally realize the importance and the excellence of it. So Yalong Bay is an apple in the local people's eyes. Moreover, Yalong Bay is nicknamed the first bay in the earth. In 1994 during the visit to Yalong Bay, Mr Saviqnac, the ex-secretary-general of the World Tourism Organization, praised Yalong Bay to be a true paradise. He made the inscription on Hainan Island: a true pearl for the enjoyment of the Chinese and of  Humanity. May it flourish successfully and harmoniously!

After many years' efforts, Yalong Bay has been developed into a fascinating tropical seaside resort. For both the tourists and vacationers, there are many sites of interest to visit and many popular sport activities to enjoy. The sites of interest include the central square of Yalong Bay, the butter-fly valley, and the sea-shell museum. The sport activities include diving, swimming, playing golf, playing tennis,fishing, climbing rock, yachting, and parachuting. There are a variety of five-star hotels managed by a variety of the well-known international hotel management groups, such as Gloria Resort, Resort Horizon, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Mandarin, Marriott, and Hilton.. If you are a golf lover, never hesitate to come here to enjoy the first-class golf clubs.

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